About us

"Baku Textile Factory" started its operations in 1939 in Baku.Baku Textile Factory LLC was the first factory in weaving field not only in our country,but also in all the Caucasian region during the Soviet Union.The main purpose of establishing company was cotton production and requirement to it.Cotton was one of the rich resources of Azerbaijan Republic of the Soviet Union.In 1991 after the Soviet Union collapsed,serious changes took place in Baku Textile Factory.The factory has abandoned the planned principles of the Soviet economy and rebuilt its activity on world standards and global market principles.
Today the company uses the latest raw materials and technologies from Germany,Italy,Holland,Japan and Turkey,and experts with modern experience are involved in the company.Currently,more than 5000 different types of textile products are produced in the company with high quality and safety indicators,comply with world and european standards.Additionally,different government works and company orders implemented by the company.

"Baku Textile Factory" LLC's production profile includes:

  • Special-purpose garments
  • Promo clothing
  • School uniform
  • Medical clothing
  • Sportswear
  • Underwear
  • Stockings
  • Other clothings